Entry #3

Some awesome reviews! Need title suggestions for album!

2009-06-25 09:47:15 by Scooter-16

Well, the new S-16 tracks are doing quite well despite being zero-bombed quite often. Hope was doing really well for a while with its points still at five after 10 votes but some idiot gave it a zero randomly. Anyway, I'm now working on writing more S-16 tracks and i'm also planning to put them in a collab album with Supersteph54.

Please leave comments and suggest any suitable titles for it. If you'd like to hear what some of the songs will sound like, just visit any of my S-16 submissions and leave a review. Tks :)

Also i'd like to thank Rick, a friend of mine, who helped me with the page header. Tks man ;)



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2009-06-26 02:45:19

Cool page header :).


2009-06-29 19:50:49

I like the header too!


2010-04-30 23:10:16

what about something like:

Just an idea